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Central Teachings Essay Example for Free

Central Teachings Essay The central teachings of Islam are oneness of God and of humanity; prophethood and the compass of Islam; human relationship to the divine; belief in the unseen life; and belief in the Last Judgment (Fisher, 2005). Oneness of God and of humanity Islam teaches that there is only one God. This is why the first words spoken to a Muslim infant are the words of the Shahadah – â€Å"la ilaha ill-Allah Muhammad-un Rasulu-llah† (â€Å"There is no god but God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God†). According to Muslims, God may be called by many names, but all the attributes assigned to those different names only make up the totality of the One God who created the universe. They contend that there must be absolute unity among all men of all races because they were all created by only one God and should therefore be brothers under the same God. Stretching this argument further, Islam maintains that no one race should be considered the chosen race, nor be considered superior than other races. Islam teaches that the individual should be one with God, therefore his or her thoughts and deeds should always be inspired by God. This oneness of God and of humanity was very emphatically expressed by Abu Hashim Madami, an Indian Sufi sage, when he said that â€Å"There is only one thing to be gained in life, and that is to remember God with each breath; and there is only one loss in life, and that is the breath drawn without the remembrance of God† (Fisher. 2005). Prophethood and the compass of Islam All the prophets from Abraham to Jesus Christ are honored, but they maintain that Muhammad was the last prophet sent by God with the final message. This means, therefore, that the Qur’an sums up all the messages from God so Islam should include all religions, including Christianity and Judaism which also trace their roots to Abraham (Fisher, 2005). Muslims believe that although God sent many messengers namely: â€Å"Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus and Muhammad,† the message He revealed to Muhammad was the final message intended for all of mankind (Robinson, 2007). Human relationship to the divine They believe that God created the universe for a specific purpose or purposes. To achieve His purpose/s, He set down particular laws to govern the actions of everybody. For this reason, Islam maintains that man could live in peace and prosperity only if he recognizes the laws which were set by God and faithfully abide by them. The set of laws of Islam is called the Sharia Law which has been derived from the Qur’an and the Sunna, which has been considered as the Islamic â€Å"custom or practice; particularly that associated with the exemplary life of the Prophet Muhammad, comprising his deeds and utterances as recorded in the hadith† (Robinson, 2007). Belief in the unseen life They accept the existence of the unseen life such as angels. Specifically, they believe in Gabriel, whom they have credited with bringing down the messages of God to humanity. Muhammad, for one, related that the revelations were sometimes brought to him by an angel in human form who would recite the Qur’anic passages to him. They likewise believe that Satan exists just as they believe that there are saints. Belief in the Last Judgment For them, the Last Judgment means that dead Muslims are allowed some rest before being raised from the grave for the final reckoning, after which the sinners and the unbelievers are sent to hell (Fisher. 2005). Those who lived their lives on earth believing in Allah and his prophets and messengers would enter paradise while â€Å"Agnostics, Atheists, Polytheists, and followers of non-Abrahamic religions† would be rejected. Entry into Paradise, according to Muslims, would likewise be denied to all those whose lives were dominated by â€Å"evil deeds† (Robinson, 2007).

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Vote No For Quebec To Be Separate From Canada :: essays research papers

Vote No For Quebec To Be Separate From Canada   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  I urge you as a fellow Canadian to vote NO! to the upcoming referendum question. Canada as a whole has many unique qualities. Our most valued characteristic is our cultural diversity. Our combination of Anglophone and Francophone regions throughout our country and their ability to work together sets us apart from the rest of the world. Canada cannot function without Quebec just as Quebec cannot function without Canada.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  It has been said by many, that those who live in Quebec to want to separate because of their need and desire to have their own distinct culture and heritage. This is not a valid point because Canada's culture and heritage is largely defined by that of Quebec. Quebec separating from Canada would mean that Canada as a whole would lose that part of its history. Quebec does not need to separate from Canada to maintain its culture since Canada has always greatly encouraged it.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Voting YES to the referendum will cause problems in many relationships between peolpe who live in Quebec and those in the rest of Canada. Some of these problems are unemployment and jobs. The residents of Quebec will no longer be able to work in Canada just as Canadians will no longer be allowed to work in Quebec. This will cause a rise in unemployment because many people will be forced to quit thier jobs. The border between Canada and Quebec will impose even more obstacels. Travel will become stessfull because passports will be needed and duty taxes will be imposed. International trade will also be a problem since Canada and Quebec will be two separate countries. It would be unlikely for the two countries to do business with each other primarily due to feelings of resentment and hostility. Another problem that will arise is the fact that some Quebecers are not willing to separate. There will never be a time when everyone living in Quebec will want to separate. It therefor causes a problem for those who want to stay because they would be compelled to leave.

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Power dimension in family

is power in the family best explained by the first, second or third dimensional view of power ? When we think about power in social context it is can be termed as specific ability of influencing or controlling others . Generally authority is considered as power due to being accepted as social norms. Three dimension of Power can be understood by Lake's academic theory which says â€Å"three faces of power†. He discussed how the governments Exercise Its controlling power on people by three ways as by decision-making power, by non decision-making power and by Ideological power.Decision-making power Is easily seen In the people behavior and In the way governments wants It to be: the policy decision making power Is widespread by consulting with the Public representatives and popular voice of public. As government controls the agenda of Important Issues (such as the way education policy In India) unacceptable for Public discussion and debate which moderate public forums In case of n on decision making. The third and the Important dimension of of power Is Ideological power, by which thoughts and wishes of public can be altered of influenced -We can see this in Voting patterns and manipulation forNarrate Mood led AND by Middle class even AND was opposing Public distribution system which benefits the lower middle class the Most,which is the example of even getting public want such things who are against their own benefits . Power can be used involve with or without coercion in the family. We can see the simple power relation in between the relationship of Parents and child. Parents takes various kinds of decisions for their children for their betterment and for good future . Or example parents decide about school, they do it for the good of child which is decided by hem only , He can take others advise and may be for example his neighbor may be having more capability to choose better school its comes under the authority of parents only. We can easily see the use o f first dimension of power here. Power may be termed in bad meaning or unjust but the use of power is routed in even ancient Era. Its interesting to see the explanation of power in Family. Family is the basic unit of society and cultural. In the family environment, use of power can be seen in different forms.Power dimensions in the family depends on the type of Emily ,Complexity of relationships and family values, Which can be seen In Family decisions and interpersonal relations and mostly it Is evident in family decisions and behavior . Power relations and its dimensions always Influence the decisions of the Family head Ã'› At one extreme, Power can be understood as Influence, power and Influence looks different due to the way power Is used In society . The three dimension of Power is described and discussed In detail by Likes In his book, Power: A Radical View.According to him , The effectiveness and the degree of Involvement of power for any defined group or mere Individual can be understood by different criteria. The Importance of such views and outlooks Is easily explained and debated at length In Likes' Views, as he explains how use of power can be done In more appropriate way. The One Dimensional View of Power Is best explained by the behavior in decision making, We can see this on key issues and it offers direct related to subjective interests, specially in family relations as to maintain family preferences and demonstration of authority .Family decision are almost taken by Emily head and are binding on family members as they are considered as god for them. We can see the use of first degree of power in daily family life. Its always depends on the thinking of Family head, his values understanding and need of the family. Family heads take decision to avoid the conflict . In nuclear families ,Use of first dimension of power can be easily seen as the nature of conflict and differences in interest are simple in nature.As of small size of family ,direct C ommunication plays very important role and conflict can be simply resolved with less involvement f negotiations, sometime by give and take relationship which can be seen openly in case of conflict. It can make or break the relationships in nuclear family where there is no influence and support of extended which provides room for flexibility in relationship. As the application of above, we can see rising no of divorce cases in urban life. First degree of power also be easily seen in Joint family in India.Although there are complex structures in family relationships in Joint families, then also there are direct conflicts which need decision by choice of family head for the interest of he family members. Normally it comes with responsibility and social obligation in joint family . Onus shifts on the earning member of the family. It is very interesting to see the structure and power relations in Indian Joint family where family interests are guided by certain family values and social pr essure which is declining and tending towards nuclear family.Declining family values are weakening family bonds which better explains the three dimensional view of power. The Two Dimensional Power is Can be termed as the critique of behavior and focuses on decision-making ND non decision-making. We can even see the two dimension of power in economics of family which can be related to the earning member. Suppose parents has less income which didn't allow them to exercise their choice to admit the child to specific school they choose .Sometimes social structure plays important role in such types of family decisions and when its prohibits or promotes exercise of choice ,3rd degree of power can be easily seen. Sometimes Parents express their displeasure about some acts of children and they are able to modify behavior even without use of force which an be termed as 2nd dimension of power. It also looks at current and potential issues and expands the focus on observable conflict to those types that might be observed overtly or covertly.But the Two Dimensional View still focuses on subjective interests, though those seen as policy preferences or even grievances . We can easily see relates to our Joint family where behavior of child is controlled by fear of parents. Even in other relations in the family , individual members of family limits ,controls and guide their behavior to accommodate the needs of other family embers. I have personally seen this in Joint families where Female members prefer to eat after every member of family finish their eating and sometimes they don't have enough to eat. N this example we can easily see the deterrent value of two dimension of power even this is the main reason of Child and Female malnutrition in the rural part of country. Family decisions are infused by extended members, Close relatives and community members . Sometime family values have a lot say into family decisions. Family values and views of extended family members play ve ry crucial role understand it by chill marriage and honor killing are sues which are social evils but still in practice in India.Concept of family Honor or ZETA is closely related to the third dimension of Power. Sometime Popular views ,fashions and Our role models also play very important role in modifying or influencing our family decisions. Family Buying decisions and cultural following is the best example of third dimension of power. The Power Structure and three dimensions of power can be easily understood by happenings In Rural North India, where issue of cast, class and gender are inter elated.People have inherited tendency of enforcing cast and kinship codes from Colonial period when even Colonial court of law consider marriage without parental consent illegal . Family status and Social acceptance Plays very important role in rural life. The greater danger to the honor and zeta ideology comes from the female which tends the demands a sacrifice of the natural ties created by biology which tries to justifies honor killing. Considerations of class and status establish ones status in society which encourages members within caste for conflict and violence in intra- asset marriage alliances.The female guardianship is related to power and control The low female ratio to male also played important role in controlling female sexuality. The need of hour is to create awareness which with the help of Community and Participation of religious / social leaders to encounter the social evil of honor killing. Woman empowerment and woman reservation can also play import roll as tool of social Justice. So from the above we can see that power in the family best explained by the first, second or third dimensional view of power .

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Informational Privacy And The Challenge Of Big Data

Informational Privacy and the Challenge of Big Data By analysing an â€Å"unprecedented breadth, depth, and scale† of data, Big Data may benefit society, discovering a positive relationship between therapeutic vitamin B use and delayed AIDS development and tracking the spread of influenza for instance. However, despite the benefits, there are significant privacy concerns surrounding the ability to provide informed consent considering Big Data’s aggregate and unpredictable character. For example, regarding the use of Big Data to track the spread of influenza, Google analysed search terms related to the virus and then plotted users’ locations, without notifying the users, thus arguably ignoring individual informational privacy. Accordingly, this essay will consider the importance of informational privacy and the potential harms resulting from Big Data use. It will be argued that the existing mechanisms are inadequate to address the informational privacy concerns surrounding Big Data. The Importance of Privacy While Egger’s protagonist Mae Holland stated that â€Å"Privacy is theft† on the grounds that maintaining a degree of personal privacy was seen to deprive others from the vicarious enjoyment of an individual’s personal experiences, it is submitted that privacy is vital to freedom of expression. By procuring an isolated area, free from public observation, individuals may develop new ideas that may improve society. Such ideas might not develop if subject to continua public orShow MoreRelatedSecurity And Control Of Privacy2089 Words   |  9 Pagespolitical transactions and interactions through cyberspace. In 2013, the human race produced over 28 million gigabytes of data everyday with 90% of the data currently in existence was generated in the last two years according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Australians are considered to be one of the most connected peoples in the world. As human beings we value our privacy and the protection of our personal information. Security and control over accesses to our information is thus paramountRead MoreEssay On Puck App1676 Words   |  7 Pagesto the customer. I think there is a high hurdle in terms of you want my data? And why do you need my data, that will really put a damper on how the initial penetration rate for the app. But I think it’s really important to get our legs about us in terms of the understanding how an app could work, and to prepare ourselves to be aware of where the puck is going. Interviewer: (37:08) AT THE END OF THE DAY, DO YOU SEE THE PRIVACY CONCERNS AND CONSIDERATIONS AS BEING JUST THAT? THEY’RE NOT SHOWSTOPPERSRead MoreInformatics Is The Study And Practice Of Science And Technology1450 Words   |  6 Pagespractice of creating, storing, finding, manipulating and sharing information (Ong, 2014). Informatics turns data and information into knowledge that people can use everyday. In today’s world informatics is the bridge to all useful things; it helps to shape our relationships, our organizations and our world. Informatics is an every changing field. It uses computer science to help analyze big issues especially within healthcare. People using informatics are able to help solve problems that directlyRead MoreA Research Study And Practice Of Science And Technology1456 Words   |  6 Pagessharing information (Ong, 2014). In today’s world informatics is the bridge to all useful things; it helps to shape our relationships, our or ganizations and our world. Informatics is an every changing field. It uses computer science to help analyze big issues especially within healthcare. People using informatics are able to help solve problems that directly impact our lives and our society. We use informatics within healthcare. Health informatics is an evolving specialty that links informationRead MoreInformation Technology And Cloud Storage1258 Words   |  6 Pages Abstract A significantly large amounts of valuable data is generated daily. This data overflow requires large storage space; therefore, the use of cloud storage is necessary for facilitating today’s big storage demands. Cloud storage allows consumers to remotely store their information in a cloud computing environment without having to managing local hardware and software. In spite of the numerous benefits of moving to cloud storage, the development of the service certainly increases security risksRead MoreSocial Media And Health Care1407 Words   |  6 Pagesis a discussion about the use of social media in the healthcare settings due to its vulnerability. Even though social media is important for the healthcare development, the security issues will remain big concerns for the healthcare system. At the same time, health care organizations find challenges in adopting social media. Hospital and medical practices are risk adverse and generally cautious about new technology trends without clear value. There are questions about whether social media use byRead MoreEssay on Information Literacy and the Public Library1519 Words   |  7 Pagesimportance of information literacy in the 21st century can be seen in the new ways technology is affecting information and the way it is delivered. According to Heider (2009) â€Å"research suggests that early information literacy instruction, using informational texts and collaborative, teacher-librarian curriculum planning, promotes critical thinking and increases the ability to problem-solve—two skills necessary for survival in today’s Information Age† (p. 513) Problem solving is a skill that is transferableRead More The Ethical Concerns with Data Mining Essay2894 Words   |  12 PagesThe Ethical Concerns with Data Mi ning Introduction to Data Mining and Warehousing With the advent of computer technologies that can store large quantities of data, cross reference that data, and compute patterns in the data, benefits abound in many applications. However, with it comes new ethical concerns regarding the privacy and security of the persons or entities in which the information was sourced. While permission may have been received with each bit of information, which may haveRead MoreIs Privacy Law Trumps Telecommunication Law? Discuss?4398 Words   |  18 PagesQuestion: ?Privacy law trumps telecommunication law? Discuss. Answer: Telecommunication law content issues which raise privacy concerns are generally presumed to concern the protection of privacy information, and conversation between individuals. In case of telecommunication system call detail records, caller?s information, internet conversation details and many more are retained by government and commercial organisation for different legal and business purpose. When the data is retained by governmentRead MoreFundamentals Software Architecture7344 Words   |  30 PagesArchitecture Models 3 8.2 Data Architecture Models 3 8.3 Application Architecture Models 3 8.4 Technology Architecture Models 3 9 Rationale and Justification for Architectural Approach 3 10 Mapping to Architecture Repository 3 10.1 Mapping to Architecture Landscape 3 10.2 Mapping to Reference Models 3 10.3 Mapping to Standards 3 10.4 Re-Use Assessment 3 11 Target Architecture 3 11.1 Business Architecture Models 4 11.2 Data Architecture Models 4 11